SMileS enables you to send content from your server to mobile phones and landlines via our online portal

SMileS - About Us - is the SMS solutions portal of Direct Telecommunication Services Ltd SMileS is the SMS solutions portal of Direct Telecommunications Services Ltd a Business Telecommunications System Solutions provider. We are a dedicated organisation focused on delivering your needs whether they be SMS marketing campaigns, interactive content services developed or delivered with us, or whether you need additional help with any other of our service (

Our distinguished and unique services are inclusive of bulk messaging offering a highly reliable solution to both Mobiles and Land lines alike – in tandem with a variety of pricing options. Every SMileS account includes a FREE return text service, this is the simplest way to enable your targeted audience to respond to you.

As standard with any service you take from us, advice and solutions is always on hand whether this is for short codes or reverse billing, multimedia and WAP-Push solutions.

To sign up for SMileS account you are required to purchase a minimum of £50 worth of messages. You have no further obligations to purchase messages, and you can of course continue to use the FREE return text service as long as your account with us remains in credit.

If you have further questions about our services, or need further advice in creating your SMS solution, please contact us.